The Program

We are still busy with drafting up the program. However, we do already know pretty sure that this program will be awesome. If you are up for PWA, Reacticon is going to be for you!

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Here is what you will learn

Reacticon is going to offer you the following awesomeness


React forms the foundation for Magento PWA Studio and gives Reacticon its name: It stands at the base of all that is discussed during this conference. Together with React, you'll also hear about Redux, routing, JSX and other fundamental React concepts.

PWA Studio

Magento is developing a toolbox - Magento PWA Studio - so that devs can vamp up their own PWA more easily. During Reacticon, we will not focus upon PWA Studio (which is likely announced during Imagine) but focus on the underlying technology instead.


While not necessarily part of the React framework, GraphQL is there be dealt with: It offers a JSON standard so that data (for instance, products, categories) is well-structured. The underlying backend (REST, CQRS) will not be dealt with though.

Best practices

Even though PWAs in Magento are just starting to emerge, there are already best practices in the area of PWA development. The Magento team will share their own knowledge and you'll hear more on how to use which tools in which environment to streamline your own development flow.


Nothing is fixed in JavaScript. Things are changing on a weekly basis. Instead of focusing on a ready-made frontend, the Magento community is growing into a more diverse, flexible frontend with lots of options. We'll leave plenty of room for Q&A, discussions and debates.

Mixed views

This conference has React and PWA Studio at its core, but there is enough room to compare things with other technologies: The folks of and Vue StoreFront are joining to create a wealth of options and opportunities: Not business-oriented, but technical and in-depth.

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Call for Speakers

During Reacticon v2, we will awesome main talks for you. Additionally, we will have short talks of 15-20 minutes each - lightning talks. And we are looking for speakers. We are calling out to you. Do you have a solid talk on PWA topic? Is there something you want to share? Can you help frontend developers move forward by adding your input? Please let us know!

The Call for Speaker will end on July 31st 2018.

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Reacticon v1 talks

On March 16th, 2018, the first Reacticon took place: It was different, it was stubborn, it was a blast. Here are some links to the presentations that were there.

James Zetlen
PWA ethical questions
Jisse Reitsma
Bartek Igielski (Snowdog)
Jamie Marie Schouren & Michal Wujas
GraphQL (large download)