Reacticon conference

version 3 - "Tropical"

June 8-11th 2020

Somewhere in The Netherlands

The path towards headless e-commerce

The landscape of e-commerce is changing quickly. Think microservices and more features. But also consider that frontend technology is evolving much quicker than e-commerce providers like Magento can keep up with. The solution is to go headless: Let Magento do its e-commerce thing, but let us decide on what kind of frontend is going to be used.

This is where Reacticon comes in: A frontend developer conference, focused entirely on headless e-commerce, that guides you into the changed landscape and helps you make the right choices. This is not something you can afford to miss.

Screw the PWA hype, this is real

Headless is no longer a vague promise. It is here, it is real. And it is not for marketeers, it is for developers: Developers can customize frontends more efficiently, create interactive shops quickly. Dive into the technology and you'll love it.

Pick your own stack of choice

Currently, there are numerous options to get started with PWA development: Magento PWA Studio, VueStoreFront, DEITY, Scandi. Take your pick. But be prepared to become a React or Vue developer first. We'll guide you the way.

4 days of workshops and conference

This third edition of Reacticon will blow you away: Not only is the venue exciting, there will also be a whopping four days to dive deep into the new frontend stack. This is the marker that everybody has been waiting for.

Version 3 in the jungle

This is going to be the third time that Yireo puts together a Reacticon: The first time, things were unfinished, experimental and strange. The second time, a story could be told. But this third time, we will be able to develop best practices, share opinions on each others approaches. And obviously, make the final switch. Because we are ready for it.

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Looking back at Reacticon 2 opening

A small little video that opened the Reacticon 2 event on October 4th 2018

Photos of earlier Reacticons

There have been 2 Reacticon events now. And both were a blast! And here are some photos to share the impressions.

  Photos of Reacticon v2 on Google Photos

  Photos of Reacticon v1 on Flickr

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