Reacticon conference

March 16th & 17th 2018

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

PWA is coming to Magento

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is coming to Magento and is expected to be part of Magento 2.3 (summer 2018). And slowly the new stack is revealed: React, JSX, Redux. As a Magento developer, it is important to keep yourself updated on these changes. This is why Reacticon is here to help you: A conference to bring you up to speed on radical changes in the future. We help you become a Magento/PWA ninja.

PWA is coming

PWA is the next big thing in Magento: It will reshape the way we deal with e-commerce and build shops - on the long run. If you want to be a front-runner, you need to get on board quickly.

A new frontend stack

To implement PWA, a new stack is needed - based on React, Redux, JSX and much more. This conference introduces possible tools, discusses practices, sheds light on underlying technologies.


On March 16th, you'll hear about tools, workflows, custom components and code structures. There will also be room for discussions. On March 17th, you'll get to put this into practice at a hackathon.

Reacticon - the new gig

This event is created by Yireo. After the successes of two-times a Magento 2 Seminar and the international MageTestFest, Reacticon brings the new PWA frontend technology to all of you eager developers. Get on board and join the PWA madness!

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