Join the PWA revolution

A change is on the horizon: PWA is going to determine the future for many platforms, including Magento. And as a developer you need to get ready. Reacticon is your one-time chance to get ahead of the crowd and learn from the gurus (Magento core devs and external devs) on how to combine React, Redux and JSX (and many more libraries) to turn Magento into a PWA.

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Unfortunately, we are completely sold out.

Reacticon is already a huge success with 100 developers herded together in a room that holds a maximum of 100 attendees. In the last weeks, we have tried hard to find an alternative venue to scale up the number of attendees, but with only 1 month to go, this has led to no good solution. Because of this, we have stopped ticket sales. In the upcoming weeks, we will already contemplate on a second Reacticon conference and will allow for early signup.

Keep yourself posted on Reacticon v2

We have been thinking already on a new Reacticon version 2, because of the demands for this first conference. Most definitely, Reacticon 2.0.0 will be organized. When (2018 Q4?) and where (Eindhoven?) is still the question. Fill in the form below and we'll keep you updated on this news.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a ticket refundable?

Yes, as long as it is one week before the event starts.

How certain is it that this event is going to happen?

100% certain. We have already 40+ sign-ups, have booked the venue and the first speakers have confirmed their flight. It is going to happen. Just like PWA is going to happen. Do not miss out!

Does the registration fee include travel costs for the conference?

No. All travel costs, including airfare, transportation and hotel accommodations, are the attendee’s responsibility. One exception to this is the hostel ticket.

What about the hostel ticket?

In the Blue Collar Hotel, there are dormitories available that cost € 43.00 per bed. We can book these dorm beds for you if you buy the Hostel Ticket above. We'll make sure you have a bed and breakfast. The main reason we offer this option for a dormitory is to guarantee that all people in the room are Magento folks. Other options are available as well through the Blue Collar Hotel directly. More information is available here:

The hostel ticket includes a bed, breakfast and tourist tax.