Line-up of Reacticon 4 (11th-14th October 2021)


Bartek Igielski

Bartek is working as the head of frontend development for SNOW.DOG. Having worked with Magento for years, he was one of the first to adopt Vue Storefront, switched later on to his own Alpaca theme and his working hard to release the next version of Alpaca.


Ben Marks

Ben - formerly part of the Magento ecosystem - has shifted towards Shopware early 2021. In his new role as director of Global Market Development (aka Head of Not-Germany), he is trying to push Shopware 6 to new levels. While he doesn't see himself as a developer anymore, if you are a developer, you are going to like Ben. That's why he is here.


Björn Meyer

Björn has been working as a Shopware developer (currently for Flagbit) already for years on numerous projects (v5 and v6). Inspired by Reacticon 3 and the Hyvä stack, he started to work on a Tailwind + Alpine theme for Shopware 6. It is open source, up for grabs, but requires a developers mind to get it working. He's happy to present his work at Reacticon 4.


Chris Brabender

Chris Brabender has been working with Magento for more than 8 years at leading partners in Australia and North America. Currently as Director, Adobe Practice at Absolunet and an Adobe Subject Matter Expert he is passionate about pushing the knowledge of his team forward and implementing best practices for the platform.


Christian Dangl

Christian is a passionate developer standing wholeheartedly behind his work. Since 2015 he has found his passion in e-commerce, where he is constantly working on new technological advances, such as and other optimizations in the areas of DevOps and QA at dasistweb. The exchange of knowledge is an essential thing, where he is always happy to write articles or share some insights in lectures and talks. At Reacticon, he will share his experience with CI/CD pipelines, demonstrate how to build your own rock-solid pipeline for your Shopware plugins, and what to consider when heading in the direction of Continuous Integration and automation workflows.


Dave Macaulay

Dave worked for years as a Magento developer at GENE Commerce, being partially responsible for Bluefoot CMS, which was later acquired by Magento to become PageBuilder. Later, Dave started working for Magento (Adobe) and is now part of the Magento PWA Studio team as Engineering Manager for Untitled Geese. He is able to show what is ahead of Adobe and Magento PWA Studio.


Dominic Klein

Dominic Klein is core developer at Shopware and project lead for Shopware PWA, the new Shopware 6 SPA based on Vue Storefront Next and Nuxt. With his in-depth knowledge on Shopware PWA and Shopware 6, he'll guide you into the inner architecture of this bright new PWA solution.


Eric Erway

Eric is senior product manager at Magento, an Adobe company, and in charge of making PWA happen. Eric joined Magento in early 2015 and brings 20+ years of experience building high-performing teams and launching award-winning products at Dell, AOL, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. With his enthousiasm on mobile technologies and customer experience, he leads a team that builds Magento PWA Studio in a solid way and thus, he leads Magento into a new future.


Fabian Schmengler

Fabian - aka the Man in the White Suit - works as CTO for integer_net. He works on numerous projects, but is especially fond of Test Driven Development. His efforts for the Magento project has earned him the title Magento Master - and he deserves it!


Filip Rakowski

Filip is frontend developer at Divante and with that, one of the main architects of Vue StoreFront. He is strongly focused on software architecture, modern frontend and open source initiatives believing that software is not only a piece of code but something that can make our lifes easier and better. Plus, he is a great guy.


Heitor Ramon Ribeiro

Heitor joined Vue Storefront recently as Head of Open Source, making him the main man behind various connectors between Vue Storefront 2 and e-commerce platforms, including the new connector for Magento 2. He's happy to explain the current state of things and we are glad to have him at Reacticon.


Jimmy Sanford

Being one of the main forces behind Magento PWA Studio, Jimmy has been working as a software architect with Adobe for 4 years now. His passion lies with creating new React apps that are understandable for other React developers.


Jisse Reitsma

Jisse will be your host at Reacticon. He is a three-times Magento Master, founder and main developer of Yireo, organizer of Reacticon and MageTestFest. He makes a living by training Magento 2 and Shopware 6 developers. And also is a board member of ExtDN.


John Hughes

John is head of Magento at the agency Fisheye Media, located in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK (we'll leave it up to him to pronounce this properly). He is a well-known speaker at multiple Magento events and especially his talks on caching and indexing are hilarious. He jumped on the Hyvä wagon and created compatibility with PageBuilder.


Justin Conabre

Justin has been working with Magento at Absolunet for the past 5 years. As part of the R&D team, he's helping create (amongst other things) a PWA Studio project accelerator for teams at Absolunet. He's excited to present at Reacticon how he's been helping improve the metrics and perceived performance of PWA Studio over the past few months as part of the Roadmap Acceleration Program.


Kore Nordmann

Kore is founder and CTO at Frontastic, building amazing commerce sites on headless without limits. Personally he has a strong passion for distributed architectures. With many years of experience helping teams to build high-quality, sustainable software, improve automation and resilience he loves building a product for developers and non-developers right now.


Lars Roettig

Lars is a senior software engineer at TechDivision GmbH - a digital agency focused on Magento and modern web development. He has over eight years of e-commerce development experience working with different clients all over the world. He is also a big fan of contemporary web development, including new browser capabilities and PWA (progressive web apps) based on React.


Olena Tkacheva

Olena has worked for Magento (and now Adobe) already for many years. Currently, her role is Product Manager and she forms a driving part of the frontend UX of Magento PWA Studio (or Venia) and PageBuilder.


Peter Jaap Blaakmeer

Being the founder of Elgentos, he has been coding with Magento for numerous decades and has pushed best practices to a next level. Lately, he and his crew has been working on an E2E test suite for Magento 2 based on Cypress. Neat.


Rajeev Tomy

Rajeev is a Magento developers for many years already, working on both backend and frontend. He recently started working with integer_net and has been assigned at a Hyvä project with React checkout. He has been a great Hyvä contributor ever since!


Ramona Schwering

Ramona has been working for Shopware already for many years and has been focusing on the frontend stack of Shopware 6, for instance Vue. But with all of that, she is much more known for her focus on testing: BDD, Behat, Selenium, Nightwatch, Jest and especially Cypress. Listen to her talk when you want to make sure your frontend changes don't lead to new bugs.


Roy Duineveld

Full-stack developer at JustBetter and creator of Rapidez: a headless Magento frontend built with Laravel. Worked for years on multiple big Magento projects but more active on Laravel application development these days. Laravel is getting adopted more and more so I tried to bring some Laravel magic to the Magento world with Rapidez.


Ruud van Zuidam

Ruud is an all-round full stack developer, working with Magento 2 but also numerous frontend frameworks. He is part of the Yireo team when it comes to organizing events, and criticizing Yireo courses. At Reacticon, he'll share his findings on Luma legacy improvements.


Sean van Zuidam

Sean is a senior frontend developer at Mooore Digital and has worked for various Magento developers throughout the years. And he slowly developed his own CSS framework Fylgja which is now public and ready for use ... in Hyvä for instance. Sean is actually also part of the Yireo team, jumping in to help out with events like Magento 2 Seminar, MageTestFest and Reacticon.


Travis Bernard

Travis is senior technical lead at ShipperHQ and has a long term love-hate relationship with Magento (don't we all). Since that ShipperHQ took a sharp term towards headless, Travis dived into React, Node, microservices and much more. At Reacticon, he'll explain how the headless way reshaped his thinking regarding client solutions.


Vasilii Burlacu

As a front-end developer focused on Magento 2 and PWA Studio, Vasilii is eager about optimising and automating things. He dived into Magento PWA Studio deep, also working on the GoPWA solution of GoMage.


Vinai Kopp

If you are in the Magento community, you know Vinai. After years of presenting thrilling talks at conferences, training developers world-wide and sharing his thoughts and opinions on Magento architecture, Vinai recently became part of Hyvä to build a better frontend for the Magento community.


Willem Poortman

Willem worked as a Magento developer & CTO at a Dutch agency for many years. He recently joined forces with the Hyvä team as the Senior Solutions Engineer where his main responsibilities are innovation and R&D. Apart from Hyvä, he has secretly and in private been working on something great and is ready to raise the curtain.


Willem Wigman

Willem is founder and creator of Hyvä Themes (and came up with the weird name)? Previously freelancer, agency owner, integer_net team member and now full-time busy with Hyvä, he is the right man to explain all about how Hyvä will change your (Magento) life.


Yuriy Protsiuk

Yuriy is Project Manager and PWA Product Owner and Ambassador at GoMage. He talks plenty of times about Core Web Vitals and PWA and how this relates to Magento. At Reacticon, he'll introduce GoPWA.

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Ruud van Zuidam
Ruud van Zuidam
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Sean van Zuidam
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Jisse Reitsma
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