Location within the zoo

The venue for Reacticon 3 is a zoo, well known to the Dutch: Burgers Zoo, conveniently located near the city of Arnhem, is known for its ecodisplays, showing animals and plants in their natural habitat. And us nerds will be caged in the middle of that.

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Into the wild

Welcome to the Burgers Zoo

Reacticon is hosted at Burgers Zoo, an original and different place to host a developers conference. A large auditorium with only tech stuff will keep our senses at easy. But once you step out, you'll find yourself surrounded by wildlife. A bizar combination perhaps. But hey, the PWA zoo is open!

Take a break in the wild

During breaks or at night, there will be plenty of time to walk around and visit the zoo. The zoo is divided into multiple habitats where animals and plants are maintained in their original surrounding: There is a butterfly garden, a savanne, a jungle and much much more. The zoo will make Reacticon stand out between all other conferences.

Accomodation options

There are plenty of options for accomodation available, but all a bit spread because Burgers Zoo is outside of town. Without your own transport, it would be best to use Airbnb or Booking to find something in Arnhem center itself.

If you have your own transport, staying at one of the recreational bungalow parks around Burgers Zoo could be a great option.

Getting there & away

Burgers Zoo is reachable by bus 3 from Arnhem which leaves every 15 minutes. And Arnhem Central Station is only 1 hour away by train from Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport).

By car is possible as well: There's plenty of parking options.