High Tech Campus, Eindhoven (NL)

Reacticon v2 will take place on the High Tech Campus (HTC) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. To be exact, in building 1b. The city of Eindhoven has received fame because of it being home of Philips (the light-bulb company that has developed numerous technical appliances), while currently is known as being an IT hub in The Netherlands. HTC is home to well-known companies like Intel and IBM. And in upcoming decades, it will be famed for hosting Reacticon. Bam.

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Different locations and transport

The conference will be hosted in the High Tech Campus (in the south of Eindhoven) while the diner+party that same evening and the hackathon will be hosted at the Deity office in the area of Strijp S (in the north of Eindhoven). We will arrange for some kind of transport in between these locations. Alternatively, a taxi will take about 15 minutes. Buses are a bit confusing, you can walk an hour as well. And we'll be constructive with car pooling.

Eating out

Blue Collar Hotel has great burgers, but most other restaurants are in the center of Eindhoven. A good tip is to use the website thefork.com (the Dutch version is iens.nl): It lists good restaurants by popularity or price or whatever. To give you some good ideas anyway, here are some options:

Things to do in Eindhoven


Close to the event venue, there is the Van der Valk Hotel (about 30 min walk from the venue, or 5 min by car). Accomodation around this area is convenient if you are staying for the conference but not much else.

If you are joining the after-party as well and/or the hackathon the day after, staying in the north of Eindhoven might be a better option: Unfortunately, Blue Collar Hotel (which was actually also the venue for Reacticon v1) had budget options available but is almost booked full (ed: Sept 8th).

Other accomodation options are:

Reacticon addresses

Inofficial pre-party (October 3rd)
Blue Collar Hotel , Klokgebouw 10, 5617 AB Eindhoven

Conference (October 4th)
High Tech Campus 1b , 5656 AE Eindhoven

Diner and party (October 4th)
2Cook (Deity) , Zwaanstraat 31, 5651 GW Eindhoven

Hackathon (October 5th)
New Deity Office , Achtseweg Zuid 153 F, 5651 GW Eindhoven

Route description to main venue (PDF)
Map of main venue (PNG)