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As a business in the e-commerce ecosystem, you know that being part of the community is important. Reacticon is a pure, honest and developer-oriented event. If you are looking for a way to promote your brand among coders, geeks and nerds, this is your chance. And we'll work together to make your investment worthwhile. No shit.

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Reacticon will push devs towards PWA

Working together

Sponsoring Reacticon is more than just being a regular sponsor. We envision that the sponsorship initiates a working together that could lead to many opportunities. For instance, we are happy to help you find that certain edge that makes your brand stand-out during the event. And help you bring across the message as best we (both) can.

Let's discuss what is possible and let's work together to make Reacticon an event to remember.

Previous events

In 2016, Yireo organized two Magento 2 Seminars and in 2017, the already famous MageTestFest, which we actually repeated early 2019. Each event hosted around 200 attendees. Reacticon 1 was organized in March 2018 (with more than 100 attendees in a room too small, plus a waiting list) and Reacticon 2 was organized in October of the same year (with over 200 attendees).

Our sponsors in the past included Blackfire, Zend, New Relic, Google and Varnish. And Magento itself. Additionally, Yireo hosts various Magento User Groups, developer meetups, professional trainings throughout Europe and hackathons. We simply love organizing good events.

Your brand promoted across nerds


Reacticon v4 is aimed to attract more than 300 developers from all over the globe. Reacticon version 1 (March 18) had 116 attendees plus 40 on the waiting list. Reacticon 2 (in October 2018) had 213 attendees. Reacticon 3 (in October 2020) took place online via Slack & Zoom and attracted 300+ developers. The numbers are growing.

All developers are expected to be interested in frontend development specifically (because that's what's Reacticon is about). This includes (interestingly enough) both backend and frontend developers, because JS is simply an area where these expertises overlap.

Because the conference is free and online, we expect attendees from all over the world. By keeping sessions in the European afternoon and early-evening, visitors from Europe, Americas and Asia (including India) should be able to join.

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